Kuggaviksgården is owned by IOGT-NTO, which is one of Sweden’s largest and most important sobriety organizations. That’s why Kuggavik is a guaranteed drug-free environment. All experiences become genuine and unaffected. It can’t get any better.
The facility is divided into two areas where the main building and annexe is Kuggaviksgården and our beautiful houses on the beach are called Solvik.

Solvik’s History

It was östersund municipality that was the first summer colony in Åsa. The time was the beginning of the 20th century. Many families with children lived in cramped and unhealthy. The pulmonary tuberculosis was the great disease. Thanks to the colony, many children had the opportunity to change the environment, fresh sea air and strengthening salt baths.

In 1917 the largest house was built – what is today called the “Girls’ House”, precisely because the girls lived in that house. In a room on the second floor lived also the manager. There were also meeting rooms for all the children in the “Girls’ House”.

The other buildings were built a few years later (except the playhouse, which was built in 1956 or 1975). In the “Kitchen House” there was of course kitchen, the large dining room for the children and the staff canteen. On the second floor there were staff and there was also a sick room.
The third house – “Boy’s nest” – was the residence of the boys during the colony stay. Also in “Pojkebo” there was a staff room and a sick room.

In 1933 Östersund municipality moved to a newly built colony just north of Solvik. The old colony was taken over by the municipality of Rödön, which after the merger of municipalities in the early 70’s went up in Krokom municipality.

Now approaching the end of the colony epoch. A tragic fire involving several children killed at a children’s colony in Onsala became the trigger for the complete cessation of the children’s colony in Åsa. Fire safety requirements were increased and it would have cost the municipalities in Jämtland to meet the requirements of the authorities. Instead, the buildings were largely deresubject. Östersunds-Posten wrote in an article about the colonies in Åsa on 12 July 1979 that “Solvik is in a deplorable state” and that the cost of setting up the colony was estimated at SEK 1.2 million.

In 1984 Älvsborg’s IOGT-NTO district bought both solviks and Östersund colonies. The idea was to be able to build a sober campsite adjacent to Kuggavik’s course yard, but for various reasons the plans could not be realized. The Östersund colony was sold after a few years.

Today the Solvik colony is owned by kuggavik non-profit association, which is a collaboration between the three IOGT-NTO districts in Älvsborg, Gothenburg and Bohuslän and Halland. In cooperation with the Halland model, the colony has been renovated and the old colony environment preserved, but in such a way that the colony buildings meet the standards and exploitation requirements that apply today.

Solvik has now entered a new era and will in the future be used for, among other things, the european Union’s new year. camps and courses on alcohol and drugs for schoolchildren, children’s packages and conference activities. All in a sober environment.

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