With us there is a lovely beach, ice cream kiosk, waffle café and lovely nature around the corner. But there are also plenty of adventures to experience near Kuggaviksgården Åsa Hostel STF

Just outside our main building you will find bus stops with buses to Varberg, Kungsbacka and Gothenburg. You can quickly and smoothly travel sustainable from our facility to wonderful adventures. But even by car it is close to a lot of fun.

18 minutes by car and you end up at Tjolöholm Castle with fantastic food, culture, castle tours and much more.
Discover https://www.tjoloholm.se/

37 minutes by car you will be at Lisebergs Amusement Park.

45 minutes by car you will find one of the world’s largest discount department stores Gekås in Ullared.

You will find several lovely indoor baths and water park near Kuggaviksgården Åsa Hostel STF.
for example: https://www.actic.se/hitta-gym/gym-och-trana-i-lerum/gym-i-lerum-vattenpalatset/

26 minutes by car and you will end up at Hallands Museum at Varberg Fortress

16 minutes by car you can discover naturum at Fjärås Bräcka

Discover all the adventures of Halland on https://www.visithalland.com/

Discover all the adventures in Gothenburg on https://www.goteborg.com/en/