Calle and Hanna welcome you to a business that is part of a local and global movement.

Kuggaviksgården Åsa Hostel STF is owned by IOGT-NTO and is part of Sweden’s and the world’s largest sobriety movement. In addition to running a hostel and course yard, we have a social mission both locally and globally.

We conduct our business as a social enterprise. This means that we work in-work where we will enable people who can be far outside the labour market to get a foot in the labour market. We work with special development stairs to ensure that we and our staff follow their development. Some move on to regular working life and some stay at our lovely workplace. Since we are part of the IOGT-NTO, our employees also apply to the three principles of Solidarity – Sobriety – Democracy.

We are involved in a number of projects where families participate in our family camps in-house. We have a large camp of ascension on the themed Wildkids, with nature adventures and a camp over Halloween. We are also involved in projects that allow families with relatives in abuse, families who do not normally go away on holiday and others get a lovely time by the sea. We organize lunches, walking sessions and music evenings for Lonely Elderly. Through the activities they come “out of the cottage”, get social contacts and joyful activities every week. During the month of December, every year, we engage in the White Christmas campaign where we make efforts to make children and families experience soberchristmas activities, Christmas Eve celebrations and much more.
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Kuggaviksgården Åsa Hostel STF involves not only locally but also globally. In 2019 we collected 50 475:- to Radiohjälpens World’s Children’s campaign. We have also personally visited urgent projects we are involved in Nepal. Among others, CWIN – Children Workers In Nepal and Balika Peace Home which is an orphanage for girls who are helped to a better life. Read more about the international work of the IOGT-NTO movement on

Director Hanna Rönnmark and Barbie Wennerstrand make Pitepalt for The Elder Lunch

Kuggaviksgården Åsa Hostel STF does what we can to support our local companies and retailers. We buy as much of our raw materials as possible locally, organically. We make purchases of consumables and also workshop items from retailers in our local community, Åsa. We bake and cook almost all food, pastries, desserts, etc. from scratch so you as guests know that it is genuine and can always ask for the content of our dishes and pastries.

Kuggaviksgården is a very active part of Åsa strandstäd where we clean the beach of plastic and garbage that makes the beaches unpleasant and makes it difficult for wildlife.
We are also pleased to be a part of the Swedish Tourist Association’s Franchise, which means that we have a gediket support in our sustainability work, which is ongoing. Read more about our sustainability agreement on

Welcome to a business with heart!